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Tilbury Manor
16 Fort St.
Tilbury , Ontario
N0P 2L0
Telephone 519.682.0243
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Quality Care in the County
Tilbury Manor

About Us

Tilbury Manor Long-Term Care Home is a 75 bed home that located in the heart of Tilbury, Ontario on the border between Essex County and Chatham-Kent. We specialize in long-term care for older adults with varied health and functional needs


Tilbury Manor strives to provide levels of care which are supportive and rehabilitative in nature in a comfortable environment, which meets the needs of the community we serve. We specialized in long-term care for primarily older adult population with divers health and functional needs.

Core Values

Our Vision

  • To be a leader and resource in long-term care.
  • To be a trusted partner, willing to share and be responsive to those whom we serve; committed to excellence, quality and innovation – a place where people enjoy working and are valued.
  • Our commitment to residents and their families requires us to constantly challenge ourselves it improve, sustain a competitive learning culture, and forge strong partnerships within the community.


Tilbury Manor assures quality care through a team led by professional and registered personnel. The caring staff at Tilbury Manor is trained to meet the needs of people requiring special care. This care is supportive and restorative in nature.

Health Care Services

The following programs and services are available to all residents at no additional cost:

  • Registered Nursing staff 24 hour/day
  • Personal Support Workers, 24 hours/day to assist with the essential activities of daily living
  •  Attending physician on a regular and emergency schedule
  •  Medication management and administration
  •  Personal Laundry Services
  •  Recreation Programs
  •  Walking/mobility/exercise program
  •  Physiotherapy and/or Restorative care
  •  Palliative care program

Additional Health Care Services

The following services are available to all residents. Costs vary according to the service provider with some potentially covered by your Ontario Health Insurance Plan:

  • Dental services
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Optometrist Services
  • Chiropody Services
  • Hairdressing Services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Wheelchair and geriatric chair maintenance services
  • Psycho geriatric outreach services

Dining Services

  • Regular and therapeutic menus are prepared by a Registered Dietitian and are current with Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Living
  • Three nutritious meals and snacks are prepared and supervised by qualified cooks, food services supervisor and a consulting dietitian.
  • Specialized diets (diabetic, low sodium, etc) are easily accommodated
  • Food texture (minced, pureed etc) are provided
  • Weekly menus are prominently posted giving each resident a variety of food choices
  • Resident Food Committee plays a role in the development of each menu

Recreational Services

The Recreation Services at Tilbury Manor is designed to provide a variety of day and evening programs for the residents. All residents are encouraged to participate in programs which interest them.

Examples of Daily programming include:
  • Bingo
  • Current Events
  • Fun & Fitness
  • Group Discussion and Reminiscing
  • Large Group Games
  • Movie nights
  • Friendly Visiting
  • Price is Right
  • Baking
  • Karaoke
  • Pet Therapy

The team also organizes a number of special social events, theme program outings for residents and their families. Events of interest include:

  • Community Program
  •  Inter-generational programming
  •  Mother's Day Tea
  •  Pub Night
  •  Annual Picnic

Every month, the Recreation Team has a birthday party for the residents celebrating their birthdays. In addition, our Century Club Birthdays for those celebrating 100+ years, are held as special events. The Team is also working closely with Community Volunteers to provide specific programming opportunities to meet the needs of the ethno-cultural diversity of our resident population.

Pastoral Services

Tilbury Manor Long- Term Care Home believes it is essential that residents have the opportunity to continue to participate in their spiritual beliefs. Our program maintains multi-denominational status and services. The provision of this service will:

  • Promote and increase spiritual awareness.
  • Promote concern for the welfare of each resident and recognizing each individual as a worthy and dignified individual.


Tilbury Manor is a 75 bed home located in the heart of Tilbury. Residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms with small items including pictures and furnishings. Each room comes equipped with standard wood finished wardrobes. Comfortable easy chairs, beds with adjustable bed rails and a supply of bed linen towels. Your decision to choose Tilbury will be the beginning of a supportive partnership, which will foster dignity and respect among residents, family and friends and the entire health team.
Description of Room Features:

Private Accommodation:

Offers your personal space and privacy with the choice to decorate this spacious room to your personal taste.

Semi-Private Accommodation:

Offers you an alternative to Private Accommodation, sharing your bathroom space with only one other person. We recognize the need to be sensitive in relation to compatibility among neighbours.

Ward Accommodation:

Is an option for those willing to consider living with 3 or 4 other residents. Rate Reduction status may apply upon application.


To further enhance your new home, we are pleased to offer you the following special features:

Telephone Service – With the availability of telephone jacks in every room, we offer you the option of placing and receiving outgoing and incoming calls at your leisure. Hook-up charges and monthly billings are arranged directly between you and Bell Canada.

Cable Television – While there are televisions in various lounges at the facility, some residents may prefer the versatility of their own T.V. The individual resident or family member may bring in a television and arrange for cable hook-up directly with Rogers Cable. There is a minimal charge for cable services.

Family Meals – We extend to families and friends the opportunity to dine at Rockcliffe for a small fee. Menus are posted daily in our Dining room.

Hairdressing – Services are available on site Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on the second floor. Charges incurred may be billed separately or added on to the monthly billing at the discretion of the family member and in agreement with the Hairdresser.

Family Council – The Family Advisory Council Team (F.A.C.T.) is a group of family members and friends of residents at Rockcliffe that meet on a quarterly basis. The main purpose of most Family Councils is to improve the quality of life of residents and to give families a voice in decisions that affect them and their loved ones in the home. Together we can make a difference! For more information, please contact the Resident and Family Resource Worker at (416) 264-3201.


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