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Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you find the information you need.

For any request, or for more information, you may reach us by any of the following:

  1. Call any of the Retirement Residences or Long-term Care Homes directly using the information on this site.

  2. Call Us:

    Do you have comments or questions? Don't hesitate to call us at Diversicare Corporate Office 905-821-1161. Our receptionist will be pleased to assist you.

    • Central Canada,
      Corporate office: 905.821.1161
      Fax: 905.821.2477

    • Western Canada,
      Corporate office: 604.273.4148
      Fax: 604.273.4151

  3. Write us:

    • Central Canada,
      2121 Argentia Road, Suite 301
      Mississauga, ON, Canada L5N 2X4

    • Western Canada,
      250 - 12011 Riverside Way
      Richmond, BC, Canada V6W 1K6

  4. E-mail us:

    • Central Canada,

    • Western Canada,

  5. Or you may use the form below:




Many of our communities offer trial stays which allow your loved one to experience the community and feel more comfortable and at ease during this important time of transition.
Most of the food served in our homes is home-made and the menus are tailored to reflect that community.
Diversicare has won 2 awards for Excellence in Quality. The first in 2001 and recently in 2006.
Diversicare is the only Healthcare Management Company to have an award winning Continuous Quality Improvement program.
Diversicare is proud to have an excellent team of employees many of whom have worked for us for over 20 years.
Mississauga and Tilbury Citizen of Year as well as Leamington's "Woman of Distinction" all work for Diversicare.
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